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“I’m going to explain a challenge we had when developing the weapon customization system, and how we solved it. This challenge in question was: “How do we define and balance all stats for 300 gun parts?” In Mercenary Kings, each weapon can have up to five gun parts (receiver, barrel, magazine, stock and sight), and each part has in between six and 12 different stats. For 300 gun parts, it means that we had in-between 1,800 and 3,600 values to define and balance.”

Gamasutra - Game Design Deep Dive: The weapon-crafting system of Mercenary Kings

“Super Mario Bros. is one of video game history’s greatest treasures. Its massive world full of colorful characters and hidden secrets informed the design of just about every action-adventure game that came after it. It spawned numerous sequels, television shows, comic books, merchandising, and even a feature film. And at over 40 million copies sold worldwide (not counting the various ports and reimaginings over the last couple decades), this is arguably the game that brought business back to an American home video game industry that had plummeted to next to nothing in the early ’80s, the victim of an oversaturated market that left stores full of excess inventory that was practically given away. And yet, we don’t know exactly when the game came out. In fact, talk to enough people and you’ll come to find out that we can’t even agree on the year the game came out, at least in the United States (in Japan, we know exactly when it shipped: September 13, 1985).”

Gamasutra - Sad But True: We Can’t Prove When Super Mario Bros. Came Out